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When you need a plumber, there are a lot of options to choose from in Monroe. From simple upgrades to overwhelming plumbing disasters, you can trust Steve’s Plumbing to get the job done right. Experience professional customer service and reliable expertise when you call us for your next plumbing need. Discover more about our areas of service below.

Drain Cleaning

Clogs happen. Quickly and safely address clogs in your sink, shower, or bath with solutions from Steve’s Plumbing. We fully clear drains of buildup instead of simply clearing a pathway through the gunk. Avoid ineffective and damaging drain cleaners from the store. Keep your pipes safe and clear from future buildup with our hydro-jetting and BioSmart technologies.

Garbage Disposals

Drains aren’t the only ones at risk of clogs and jams. If your garbage disposal has had an unfortunate run-in with a foreign object or has simply stopped working, our pros will quickly respond to your call to inspect, repair, or replace your garbage disposal and have your sink back up and running in no time. If you should need a replacement, we always have the powerful yet quiet InSinkErator brand of garbage disposals stocked on our trucks for your convenience.

Pipe Repair and Leaks

No matter where a leak has sprung in your plumbing, it can be unnerving. Leaky pipes are especially concerning as they can create extensive and lasting damage inside your walls and in hard to reach places. Historically, pipe repair has been invasive, expensive, and inconvenient. Call Steve’s Plumbing at the first sign of corrosion, wear, and leaks so we can repair your pipes before devastating damage occurs.

Faucets and Fixtures

Let our experts assist you with repair and replacement of the faucets and fixtures in your home. Whether you simply want to upgrade to a more stylish design or you can’t figure out why your faucets keep dripping, our professionals are ready to tackle any project. You won’t have to live with ineffective faucets and fixtures anymore with the help of Steve’s Plumbing.


Toilet emergencies are not only stressful and inconvenient, but they can be quite messy as well. Whether your toilet runs constantly, doesn’t flush at all, or has developed a leak, our experts are ready to rapidly respond to your emergency repair needs. If you are ready to upgrade to a more eco-friendly toilet, we carry the top brand on the market and can install it for you the same day.

Sewer Line Repair

You probably don’t have very fond thoughts of your sewer line, especially if it is currently experiencing issues. However, the integrity of this line is essential for many operations inside your home. If your drains all clog at the same time or there is a foul odor coming from your sinks, your sewer line could be compromised. With our Nu Flow pipe repair technology, you can avoid ripping out old pipes to replace with new ones, saving you time and money. Have one of our professionals inspect your sewer line today to see if it qualifies for trenchless sewer line repair.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are another essential system for keeping your home safe from the damaging effects of water damage. During a heavy storm, your sump pump will direct excess water away from your home so your basement and foundation can avoid oversaturation and flooding.

Is your sump pump ready to handle the next big rainstorm, even during a power outage? If you are unsure, call Steve’s Plumbing to inspect your sump pump and make sure it’s in working order before you find out that it’s not while your basement fills with rainwater.

Schedule an appointment with Steve’s Plumbing online or at (425) 451-2444 today so you can get back on your daily home routine right away.

Water Heaters and Filtration

A typical water heater will last 8-12 years with yearly maintenance. When your water heater isn’t working right, our trusted technicians will come to inspect and repair your unit no matter what type of issue is going on. No hot water, strange noises, leaks, discolored water, and inconsistent pilot lights are common repair issues we solve all the time for our customers.

When your water heater reaches the end of its life or the repair is more than it’s worth, we can show you replacement options to best fit your home and needs. Many homeowners are choosing tankless systems to replace their water tanks for higher efficiency and lower energy bills. Discuss this option with us when you are ready to upgrade.

Another option you can include with your water heater is a whole-home water filtration system. These are especially useful in areas with hard water. Keep your appliances, faucets, pipes, and your own skin safe from the damaging effects of hard water with a water softener, carbon filter, or point of use filter installation in your home today.

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