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Plumbing Services in Shoreline, WA

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Plumbing problems can be one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner can face. They can be messy and expensive, and it can be difficult to find a company that is both reliable and affordable. We pride ourselves in providing services that exceed customer expectations for the quality without overcharging. If you live in the Shoreline, WA, area, you need plumbing services that you can trust. We do everything from pipe repair to fixture installation, and our high-tech methods result in faster turnaround times and better outcomes.

Leak Repair in Shoreline

At Steve’s Plumbing, we offer leak detection and repair. Leaks can occur wherever there is water, so we provide comprehensive leak repair services for toilets, pipes, faucets, and more. Leaks can waste water, drive up your water bill, and cause damage to your flooring, cabinets, or foundation, so it is important to call us at the first sign of a leak.

Drain Cleaning Services in Shoreline

Most homeowners have experienced the frustration of a clogged drain. One minute you are taking a relaxing shower, and the next you are standing in several inches of murky water that refuses to drain. Instead of turning to DIY solutions for clogged drains, turn to our hydro-jetting services. With hydro-jetting, your drains will be as clean as they were when they were first installed.

Nu Flow Pipe Repair & Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Shoreline

If the plumbing in your home is old, you are at greater risk for cracked pipes, root damage, and more. Our revolutionary Nu Flow pipe repair technology allows us to repair old pipes without digging up your landscaping. This modern technique saves our customers money on labor costs, gets the job done quickly without damage, and is exclusively for drain pipes.

Sewer repairs used to require digging up your yard even to do a small repair. However, we now offer trenchless sewer repairs that leave your beautiful landscaping in the same condition. If your project qualifies for trenchless repair, your sewer line will be serviced through two small holes in the ground, and the job will usually be done within one day.

Faucets and Fixtures Replacement in Shoreline

A leaky faucet can waste 5 gallons of water or more each day. Often this expensive problem can be fixed with a simple washer or valve replacement. Even if your faucets or fixtures are still working great, the style of your bathroom or kitchen can be greatly improved simply by choosing new faucets, sinks, or tubs. Whether you need a repair or a new fixture, our team of professional plumbers will get the job done.

Schedule an appointment with Steve’s Plumbing online or at (425) 451-2444 today so you can get back on your daily home routine right away.

Sump Pump Inspections and Replacements in Shoreline

Storms can have an extremely damaging effect on homes in the Shoreline area. Many homeowners each year lose valuable possessions or have their homes damaged by flooding. You can prevent this emergency by having us inspect your sump pump or by replacing your old sump pump with something more reliable.

Water Filtration Systems in Shoreline

Tap water often contains contaminants that can have an effect on your health over time. Many homeowners even resort to purchasing drinking water, spending hundreds of dollars each year on bottled water. With our water filtration services, you can rediscover the joy of drinking pure and delicious water right out of the tap.

Garbage Disposal Services in Shoreline

If you are hearing metal on metal sounds coming from your garbage disposal, or it has stopped working as effectively, you are probably in need of a repair or replacement. You can trust our plumbers to offer expert advice and to get the job done right the first time.

Toilet Repair and Replacement in Shoreline

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for signs that their toilet needs a replacement. Sometimes all that is needed to restore your toilet to working conditions is a quick repair. However, if your toilet is leaking or if it is old it may be better to replace it with a new, more efficient one. We are here to help you make the decision that is the best for you.

Tank and Tankless Water Heaters in Shoreline

Many customers ask us whether a tank or a tankless water heater is right for them. Both systems work great and can be a good option for your home. There are pros and cons to each that can be considered when a replacement is needed. In addition to installations and replacements, we also service all types and brands of water heaters.

At Steve’s Plumbing, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. We are excited to provide our Shoreline customers with the high-quality services that they deserve. If you need plumbing services, contact one of our friendly plumbers today.

Give us a call at (425) 451-2444 or contact us online to schedule quality plumbing services in Shoreline and the surrounding areas.

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