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Plumbing Installation in Lynnwood, Washington

Around the home, plumbing helps move water where it’s needed and remove waste. When something goes wrong, or the home is ready for renovation, new plumbing installation services may be needed. This includes everything from installing new toilets to replacing pipes or the current water heater. Whether anything’s not working as it should or it is time for something new, a professional plumber is needed to make sure the installation is done right.

New Toilet Replacement

Toilets may need to be replaced if they’re older and not working as expected or if they end up damaged. They may also be added to a home if a renovation includes the addition of a new half or full bathroom. When a new toilet is needed, it’s always recommended to get professional help for toilet installation. Numerous parts need to be installed correctly to prevent leaks and other issues that can happen during or after the installation.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage disposals help to break down foods that go down the drain in the kitchen. There are recommendations for what can and can’t go down the garbage disposal, and it is important to follow these recommendations to prevent potential damage to the home. When a garbage disposal is no longer working, it may need to be replaced. If there isn’t one in the home yet, it may be a good idea to have a professional do a garbage disposal installation. When the replacement or installation is done, the professional can review what can and can’t go down it with the homeowner, as well as how to keep it clean so it lasts as long as possible. 

pipe relining

Sewer Line and Pipe Replacement

Many of the pipes in the home will bring in fresh water to be used throughout the house. Drain pipes will remove the wastewater by sending it through the sewer line. Over time, these pipes can develop leaks or be subject to other types of damage. Leaking water can lead to damage inside the home or cause the growth of mold while leaking sewer lines can be a health hazard. A professional can handle the sewer line replacement or pipe replacement to restore the pipes in the home and make sure they are able to work as intended without leaks.

Faucet and Appliance Installation

Faucets and other plumbing appliances throughout the home may need to be replaced if they no longer work correctly, if they’re leaking, or if they’re outdated and the homeowner is ready for a new look. They can also be added during renovations if the homeowner wants to add a second sink in the kitchen or add a second bath. When a faucet isn’t working correctly, or a new one is needed, always have a professional handle the faucet replacement or installation to make sure it’s done right and prevent leaks.

Water Heaters Replacement

In most homes, the water heater is a standard type with a holding tank that warms up the water before it’s needed inside the home. These water heaters are designed to last around 10 years before they need to be replaced. When one does need to be replaced, a professional can handle the water heater replacement and make sure it’s done correctly. However, homeowners who don’t want to have a large tank anymore may want to look into a tankless solution and have the professional do a tankless water heater installation. This does offer some benefits, like having hot water on demand throughout the house.

Water Filtration and Softening Installation

While the water coming into a home should be ready for use, it can contain trace chemicals the homeowner won’t want to deal with or can be hard, which can cause plumbing inside the home to wear out faster. There are options available to help homeowners with these issues. If chemicals are a concern, homeowners will want to talk to a plumber about a whole-home water filtration installation. If the concern is hard water, a water softener installation may be what’s needed to help correct the water, so it doesn’t cause damage to the home’s plumbing, the clothes washed at home, and anything else it contacts. 

Taking care of the plumbing, replacing parts as needed, and adding new parts that may be desired is easy with the right help. A professional plumber can handle all of the above installations and replacements, and they can make sure the job is done right to prevent future issues in the home. If you’re ready to have something replaced or installed, contact Steve’s Plumbing, LLC, right away to schedule a consultation. 


Hose Bibb Replacement

The faucets outside your home are exposed to various weather conditions. Your home’s hose bibb is the outdoor tap where water runs from the inside of your house to the outside. Another term for your hose bib is a spigot. You can attach a garden hose to do various watering jobs, such as, watering your garden. As the weather changes throughout the year, the effects on your hose bib can lead to major plumbing problems if not maintained properly. The transition from the winter season to spring and summer seasons can cause your hose faucet to freeze and break. When this happens, our plumbers can replace it. Contact our team today and get it ready for spring gardening.

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