Repairing or replacing a toilet can be a complicated project to tackle, even for the most skilled of DIY-ers. While most homeowners attempt home repairs and renovations in order to save money, many of these projects end up costing them more in the end anyway. Whether from the purchase of tools needed to complete the job or remedying a mistake that further spread the disaster, oftentimes doing it yourself just isn’t worth it. Plumbing repairs are one of those projects that are best left to the professionals. At best a homeowner may save a few dollars by handling a repair, but at worst they could end up ruining piping and flooding parts of their home. One of the biggest DIY don’ts is to spend more money doing something yourself and risk improper completion rather than calling a professional in the first place. Depending on the issue at hand and the risk of the potential damage it can cause if performed by a non-professional, most plumbing projects shouldn’t be attempted by another other than a skilled technician. Here are five reasons why you should call us the next time you are facing toilet repair:

1. To Avoid Injuring Yourself.

Plumbing work can involve a wide range of tools and skills to complete the job. Some parts have sharp edges that can cause lacerations to the skin. Heavy objects, such as toilets, can cause injury, whether a broken toe from an accidentally dropped toilet lid or a back injury from carrying the toilet up a flight of stairs or two.  Sometimes simply not having enough practice with a certain tool can lead to improper handling, which can lead to accidental strains, whacks, or bruises. Instead of risking injury and spending even more money on healthcare costs on top of your project, you can easily search for a plumber near me to complete the work.

2. To Avoid Further Damage to the Toilet.

Toilets must be balanced correctly and properly hooked up to water lines for it to function. Loose fittings could cause leaks inside your walls and flooring, causing extensive damage to the drywall, subflooring, and more. Over tightening bolts on the other hand can cause the porcelain to crack and split, wasting all that money you spent on a new toilet.

3. To Save Time.

This may be your first time ever repairing or replacing a toilet, but a professional performs these kinds of things every day. They will often get it done faster and safer than an inexperienced homeowner attempting it on their own. We all have had that one DIY project that took way longer than expected and required multiple trips to the store for different parts or extra pieces because the other ones broke. When it comes to something as complicated as toilet repair, a professional will be able to complete the job quickly and efficiently every time.

4. To Save Money.

If you want to save money, a simple chain or flap replacement you may be able to get away with doing on your own. However, deep clogs, backup issues, ghost flushes, running water, and basic malfunctions can be more complicated issues that require professional toilet repair skills. Your plumbing technician will also lend their expertise if they think a replacement will be cheaper than performing an expensive repair.

5. For Peace of Mind.

You never know if something you repaired will last or even work until you test it out. If this is the first time attempting a toilet repair, chances are it will take a few tries to get it right. We have heard of homeowners who struggled with a toilet repair only to have the problem return weeks or even days later. Having a professional address the issue can lead to better peace of mind and knowledge that the problem was fixed right. When it comes to household repairs, many projects are best learned through experience. Some are worth taking the time to learn, but others are better left in the hands of a professional. The next time you are facing a plumbing predicament, call Steve’s Plumbing for prompt and professional service in your area.