Double, double toil and trouble, keep these away or your drains will be trouble… no, seriously, stop attempting DIY plumbing repairs. There is nothing scarier for your plumbing system than your chemical drain cleaners and your homemade plumbing snakes. This new DIY repair trend has resulted in many plumbing horror stories; and, since Halloween is just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to share these frightening DIY plumbing repairs. Avoid these at all costs.

DIY Plumbing Dont’s

  1. Cleaning Clogs With Chemical Cleaners

What goes down can also come back up. Using chemical drain cleaners, especially those you concoct yourself, is dangerous. There are caustic elements in most chemical cleaners, such as bleach and sulfuric acid, that can burn you if they were to splashback or spill onto you.

In addition, these chemicals can corrode your piping. Yes, they will likely dissolve your clog, but they will also do the same to your piping. Leaks and cracks can occur as a result, which leads to bigger, more expensive issues if not addressed and repaired immediately. It’s best to hire a professional plumber to remove your clog and clear your pipes.

  1. Using The Wrong Tools, Or Worse, Making Your Own

Using the wrong tool for a job will take a small repair and turn it into a big project. You can break a pipe and dent your fixtures, not to mention hurt yourself, with both incompatible and McGyvered tools. Creating your own snake with a metal coat hanger is a sure fast way to get the entire hanger stuck in your pipe.

Injury is also common when using the wrong tool for the job. When an incongruency exists between a tool and a repair, your hand can easily slip and end up somewhere it shouldn’t. Be safe and contact Steve’s Plumbing for your repair.

  1. Using Your Hand

Never stick your hand down a pipe or a drain, it can get stuck, and you’ll have to call for emergency services. If your clog is in your garbage disposal, you can end up cutting your hand with the sharp, disposal blades. Don’t risk your hand—let us lend you one.

  1. Not Turning Off Your Water Supply

Step one to any and all plumbing repairs is to shut off your main water supply. Whether you are replacing a faucet or attempting a bigger job, if you fail to turn the water supply off, you will have a major flood. And, when property damage is caused by an owner, homeowners’ insurance typically will not cover your water damage restoration.

  1. Overtighten Connections

If you are tightening the leaking joints of your piping system, make sure you do not overtighten. Many homeowners make this mistake, and end up having to replace the joints entirely due to cracks caused by the pressure from overtightening.

Don’t DIY. Allow the professional plumbers at Steve’s Plumbing, LLC handle your plumbing repair. Contact us at (425) 979-7376, or online here.