Your home’s sewer system performs a vital function by removing waste and sewage from the house. That way, you don’t have to deal with it. However, as time passes, even the most robust pipes can deteriorate, and suddenly you have an enormous problem on your hands.

Imagine you’ve just discovered that there’s a structural problem with your drainage pipes, and you’re absolutely dreading having to tear up your property to fix it. Typically, other services would have to dig into your lawn, tear up flooring, or remove walls or foundational elements to access the damaged pipes and fix them properly. However, with Steve’s Plumbing, you don’t need to worry about all of that.

Instead, what you should be considering are trenchless sewer repair services. With trenchless pipe repair, there’s no need to dig or destroy whatsoever. Instead, our plumbers will assess the situation, perform a thorough drain cleaning, and begin the process. Our technician will install an epoxy-saturated tube directly into the existing pipes to restore your drainage. This tube serves as a liner that creates a new pipe inside the existing one when fully cured.

Do I Need a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

If you’re in the Lynnwood, WA, area and you find yourself in need of sewer line repair ASAP, the answer is yes. Trenchless sewer repair is not only the most modern solution to this difficult problem; it’s the fastest and least expensive one, as well.

In many cases, a trenchless sewer repair is a cost-effective solution to restoring your drainage pipes. Whether your pipes are cracked or chock full of holes, a trenchless sewer line repair will most likely be the best answer when considering the cost of property damage required by other options. So long as your pipes aren’t collapsed, back pitched, or improperly graded, a trenchless repair is a viable option for you.

With a trenchless sewer repair, you can expect the project to be completed faster with less cost, without the need of damaging your property or landscape. Typically trenchless sewer repair is just as effective as more traditional methods and with a life expectancy of 50 to 100 years.

Signs That Your Sewer Line May Be Damaged

Over time, pipes crack, deteriorate, and otherwise sustain damage as time erodes at your pipes. When this happens, you can experience several unpleasant symptoms that negatively affect your home’s ability to remove waste and sewage.

With sewer lines buried underground, it’s nearly impossible to tell whether your drain lines are damaged and requiring repair. However, several clear warning signs will show you when to get your pipes inspected for damage. If you suspect pipe damage, check to see if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Unusual and unpleasant smells from your yard or drains
  • Patches of your yard are suddenly a lush green
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds from toilets
  • Sewage backs up into your drains
  • Your drains are draining slowly

If you find any of the above symptoms, call us as soon as possible. We will take care of your problem.

Plumbers Near Me

Steve’s Plumbing has been in the business since 1995, bringing over 25 years of expert service to Lynnwood, WA. Steve Egner, who started his plumbing career in 1978, heads the company. Steve’s Plumbing puts one thing first, above all else: Customer satisfaction. Our work isn’t over until you are 100% happy with our work.

Our plumbers are fully trained and certified, undergoing continual training to keep up with industry standards and breakthroughs in technology. In this way, you can expect our workmanship to be top-notch and always in keeping with modern innovation.

If you’re already one of our customers or still on the fence, consider our Diamond Club benefits. By signing up for a Diamond Club membership, you will enjoy a 15% discount on repairs, a three-year warranty on repairs, lifetime warranty eligibility for every fixture we provide and install, as well as free service calls whenever work is performed.

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We’ll test water pressure and water temperature and check the general condition of all fixtures. With our annual inspections, you’ll be far ahead of any severe issues that could otherwise seriously affect your home.

All it takes is just $14.95 a month for incredible savings, thorough inspections, and quality work (guaranteed).