You worked on your garden all year, and now you’re worried the cold weather will ruin it. But don’t! We here at Steve’s Plumbing, LLC have some winter gardening tips that will keep your crop around for another season.

Follow these tips, and your garden will survive the wintertime!

Unplug All Of Your Outdoor Water Sources

To prevent frozen pipes and iced through water supplies, make sure you disconnect your hose from your hose bib and drain all of the water out of your hose. Store your hose indoors, until the temperature rises again. Additionally, shut off all exterior water supplies! This will prevent a frozen pipe epidemic from breaking out at your home.

Drain Your Water Features

That trickling fountain you have, and that beautiful little man-made pond you installed this past summer, all need to be drained as the weather continues to shift towards a true winter climate. Your water supply can freeze over, causing pressure to build within your fixture as ice forms. This can crack your design features. Preserve your backyard oasis—drain all decorative water structures.

Add Mulch

Sprinkling mulch over your soil will protect your plants. Mulch provides insulation; hence, it will inhibit your soil from freezing. Place mulch over all your outdoor plantings to keep root temperatures stable.

Water During Dry Periods

The temperature fluctuates day-to-day here in Lynwood, Washington, and this is the key to keeping your plants thriving through winter. During dry periods, you will need to give your plants a deep watering. When your plants are covered by a layer of frost, they do not need to be watered, as moisture will naturally leak down into the earth.

Cover Your Plants

With a frost cloth, or any heat retentive blanket or towel, cover planting containers and move them close to the foundation of your home. This will allow the heat generated in your home to seep into your bed of flowers or vegetables, keeping them warm throughout the harsh temperatures.

Don’t Fertilize

Forcing your plants to grow during a time they biologically want to remain dormant, will only result in a wilted, dead plant. New growths cannot withstand the cold conditions and other plants need this time to rejuvenate. Fertilizing will not help your garden flourish during wintertime; rather, it will do just the opposite.

Follow these tips and your garden will last through the winter! If you do notice any plumbing irregularities this season, and you have not shut off your exterior water supply, you may need to contact a professional plumber as your pipe is likely cracked.

For all of your winter plumbing needs, contact Steve’s Plumbing, LLC at (425) 979-7376.