Grooming goes down the drain during November—from teens to adults, beards are grown and grooming norms are disregarded. You hear younger generations tossing around the phrase, “no-shave November”, a trend you are unfamiliar with, and wonder what is driving people to toss out their razors for a month and let it all grow out.

So we, at Steve’s Plumbing, LLC, are here to tell you what “no-shave November” is all about!

No-shave November Explained

Why participate in No-shave November? No-shave November is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for cancer research and funding cancer services for cancer patients in need. How do they raise money? Through internet fundraising pages. You can register to create your own fundraising page here! Or participate by donating here!

With St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Prevent Cancer Foundation all working together with No-Shave November to find a cure to cancer, a month of unruly hair is definitely something we can get behind.

No-Shave November & Your Drains

Do Not Put Hair Products Down Your Drain

With more hair comes more hair products! From taming, de-frizzing solutions to shaping, beard waxes, these solutions cannot go down your drains. Hair products have a ton of chemicals in them that can corrode your piping. When gels or mousses are poured or rinsed down your drains, they cling to your pipes, coating them. This then creates an ideal environment for clogs.

Keep hair products out of your drain this No-shave November! For additional clog protection and prevention, install BioSmart in your bathroom sink, shower, or bath. BioSmart is an eco-friendly way to shield your pipes from gunk build-up. With a bacterial coating, BioSmart removes solids and sticky materials from your drain—inhibiting clogs from forming.

If you already have pooling water or are experiencing slow drainage, contact Steve’s Plumbing for professional drain cleaning and BioSmart installation.

Do Not Trim Your Beard Over Your Sink

Hair is your drain’s number one enemy. As trimming and shaping are allowed during No-Shave November (we still have to be presentable in professional settings), it is imperative that you trim your hair over a trash can, not your sink. Although it may not look like a large amount of hair—trimmings can accumulate over time. And, when that big shave occurs on December 1st, you can have a big blockage on your hands.

Your December 1st Shaving Instructions

When you shave one month’s worth of hair—there is a lot of hair. It is essential that this monumental shaving does not occur in the shower or over your bathroom sink. Shaving in the shower, although a popular choice, can lead to blockages that result in pooling water or flooding. If your shower turns into a bath… you have a severe clog in your drain and you will need to schedule hydro jetting to remove it.

Some may swear by using drain covers or drain catchers; however, this is not a full-proof method, and oftentimes, when you go to clean the cover, all of the hair you caught falls down your drain anyways. Shave over a trash can to ensure no hair makes it down your drain.

When it’s time to shave your No-Shave November hair, remember these tips from Steve’s Plumbing, LLC. If you do end up clogging your drain, contact us at (425) 979-7376 for professional drain cleaning and clog prevention.